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source link: https://github.com/draft-js-plugins/draft-js-plugins
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DraftJS Plugins

Draft JS Plugins Logo

High quality plugins with great UX on top of DraftJS.

Available Plugins (incl. Docs)

Built by the community

Live Example & Documentation

Checkout the website!


First, install the editor with npm:

$ npm install @draft-js-plugins/editor --save

Then import the editor somewhere in your code and you're ready to go!

import Editor from '@draft-js-plugins/editor';




An editor component accepting plugins. see source

Props Description Required
editorState see here *
onChange see here *
plugins an array of plugins
decorators an array of custom decorators
defaultKeyBindings bool
defaultBlockRenderMap bool
all other props accepted by the DraftJS Editor except decorator see here


import React, { Component } from 'react';
import Editor from '@draft-js-plugins/editor';
import createHashtagPlugin from '@draft-js-plugins/hashtag';
import createLinkifyPlugin from '@draft-js-plugins/linkify';
import { EditorState } from 'draft-js';

const hashtagPlugin = createHashtagPlugin();
const linkifyPlugin = createLinkifyPlugin();

const plugins = [linkifyPlugin, hashtagPlugin];

export default class UnicornEditor extends Component {
  state = {
    editorState: EditorState.createEmpty(),

  onChange = editorState => {

  render() {
    return (

How to write a Plugin

Feel free to copy any of the existing plugins as a starting point.In this repository you can also find a Guide on how to create a plugin, including a description of the supported features. In addition you can contact @nikgraf directly in case you need help or simply open a Github Issue!

Discussion and Support

Join the channel #draft-js-plugins after signing into the DraftJS Slack organization or check out our collection of frequently asked questions here: FAQ.


Check out our Contribution Guide.

Learn about why Draft.js and how to use DraftJS Plugins

In this talk Nik Graf explained the ContentState structure of a Draft.js Editor as well as explained how to use plugins.



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