Do you wish you would have bought a different MacBook Pro?

 9 months ago
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Do you wish you would have bought a different MacBook Pro?


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I am shopping for a new MacBook…and it is getting complicated. But I wonder if there is something you wish that you would have bought now that you have used your laptop for a while? More RAM if 8GB is not enough? More than 512GB SSD? Screen size? Extra ports? Touch bar? Video camera resolution?

Now, I am an abuser of computers and push them to their limits. But the 14” or 16” MacBook Pro with an M2 chip isn’t out yet, and I am unwilling to wait if it is next October before they get released. There are a bunch of Black Friday sales coming up that mix things up too (Costco, Best Buy, Amazon, and Apple) including open box sales. The last time I bought a MacBook, I wanted it to last 10 years, and spent $3300 back in 2010. This time I might be more interested in getting a deal to last me until the 3nm laptops come out and I have more money to throw at Apple in a few years. But I don’t want a computer that will be slow with 500 tabs open on a browser, some video file exporting, and a bunch of apps open. I tested out an 8GB M2 MacBook today and it handled the swap memory better, but my 12 year old Mac has 8 GB of RAM and it is not close to enough. But the deals at Costco for the M2 chip machines all have 8 GB of RAM.

I know that I will have to buy a USB-C adapter to expand the number of USB ports regardless of which MacBook I get. I do have an external hard drive and DVD drive, along with a USB memory card reader, USB TV tuner, and 3D printer. I have a USB keyboard and mouse too. But I do need to attach this Laptop to a few different monitors via HDMI cable, and I only have the HDMI to HDMI cable right now.

So what would you change or go back and buy if you could with your MacBook, and what isn’t a big deal?

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