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 2 weeks ago
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Hey Product Hunt! 👋

It's the ShowMePlace team. We have been working on a new exciting project. Super stoked to share it with you today. But first:

How many times did you not know where to go? All places were too mainstream, well-known (you’ve been there millions of times) or completely unfamiliar. You could go for your habitual place, check reviews of a new place made by anonymous on questionable trustworthy sources and go there or…you could ask a friend about their favorite places in the city.

Meet ShowMePlace, a platform where you can list and share your favorite places, discover other people's favorites.

— Get personal recommendations of places from people you trust; — Go to a new place every day; — Discover unique spots you haven't heard of before; — Save your special places on the map, so as not to forget about them; — Store all the information in one place; — Find your next favorite spot.

So how about going to your friend’s favorite bar tonight?

Try ShowMePlace and let us know what you think. Feel free to leave a comment below or reach out via email [email protected], anytime.

💜 Thank you!

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