Idea Pioneering 2.0

 1 year ago
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I am so happy to have found this. Let me show you how the author comments this product:

I am a businesman / theoretical physicist who decided to share what actually works and what is only supposed to, but doesn't. (Spoiler alert: most of the things you can find on the internet don't work in the slightest)

Below you can find a 3-minute read on three interesting (yet oversimplified here) points on the topic:

An important creativity fallacy Quantity or quality? Let's imagine that you had people that you were supposed to learn to make beautiful clay pots. Yup, clay pots. How would you do it? Make them do a lot of pots or do few, but meticulously? It turns out that it was tested. Surprisingly the group that went for quantity did not only do more of the pots (obviously), but also at the end, they made them better. So it's less about "quantity versus quality" and more about "quantity and quality". To have the best ideas, you have to produce more of them. Whatever the quality. If you don't believe me, ask Pablo Picasso.

An important planning fallacy Should your goals be realistic or should you shoot for the moon? Why not do both? It's our built-in falicy that says that those are opposite. In reality, they very well might be. Might. Ask yourself, what would you do if you were to (let's say) win a Nobel Prize. What would you focus on? Make a plan. Perhaps once you made a plan, you could notice that the plan is... realistic. Repeat the above procedure enough times so that one plan turns out to be big, or BIG, but realistic. Then go for that and feel the absurd amount of energy and life satisfaction it will give you. This is exactly the way the top businessman like Musk or Bezos operate.

An important efficiency fallacy What to do if you want to go faster in life? Perhaps work more? You know, the hustle-hustle-hustle style. Try that for a while and laugh at the amount of frustration it will give you. The hyper-effective people work a lot, I'll give you that, but that's not the key point. The key point isn't even to work smart. It's to eliminate whatever you possibly can. Focus only on the crucial and the significant. Train for it - you won't be proficient in it immediately. By the way, it's exactly like that in physics. Have you ever wondered what does it mean that something exists in physics? It means that including it in the equations greatly simplifes the overall description of reality. The bar is high and it should be that high. Eliminate everything that won't greatly contibute to your success.

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