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 2 months ago
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Reply Later

Never forget an important message on Slack

Reply Later is a Slack App that helps you easily save important messages and remind you of them at your chosen time.
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Hello Slack users!

A lot of our working lives revolve around Slack and we use it much as a task management tool as we use it for communication. Reply Later boosts your ability to easily convert messages into tasks (to be reminded later) and helps you plan your day.

You can: 1. Set multiple reminders at your preferred times. 2. Save a message to reply later through the message shortcut. 3. We'll remind you of the message at your next scheduled reminder. 4. You can reply to the message through the Reply Now option or Snooze the reminder. 5. You can also save messages by sending a message in the Reply Later app messages tab. 6. Mark the reminder as Done to earn yourself a cookie 🍪

I've built this over a weekend, mostly for me a few of my team mates and it's been a great tool for us to be productive. I hope it will help some of you folks as well!

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