Frank Force 🌻 on Twitter: "@nuwtox @revdancatt thanks! i try to match it up...

 11 months ago
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Auction is live.

LUMEN ➖ Released on the occasion of the Tribute to Herbert W. Franke. 100% of primary proceeds will go to ZKM Karlsruhe and to Rütgers Foundation. Thank you

Have a great weekend ! And for those in Taipei enjoy the La Nuit Blanche this year !

looking through a glass

300 ed - 8 tez 1st oct 20h CET on #fxhash

got 25 spots left on the reserve list, so RT and comment your wallet address and you are in (first come, first served) #generativeart #p5js #tezos


Look what I just picked up!

Garden, Monoliths #253 by

The final piece (for now) is framed. Time to hang them up next week!



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