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The best promoted Instagram stories to inspire your work

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Get inspired by 1000+ high quality Instagram stories across 23 categories.
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Hey Product Hunt! 👋

If you design for the vertical story format, you probably know the hassle of swiping through messy, mediocre stories on your phone in the chase of good inspiration.

At least we do – which is why we have been collecting, organizing and now built the biggest curation of high quality paid Instagram stories.

😍 1000+ high quality stories 🗂 23 different categories (SaaS, Typography, Apps, Crypto, Illustration, 3D...) ⭐️ Save your favourite stories

STEEP is for creatives such as Designers, Marketeers, SoMe managers, Animators and Videographers who are hungry for inspiration to elevate their work for the vertical format.

To celebrate the launch of STEEP 2.0 we are giving 100% discount on the first month. Apply the promo code PRODUCTHUNT at checkout to enjoy a free month!

We are beyond excited to hear your feedback and comments – and continue our vertical journey with you! 🥳

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