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 2 months ago
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Datarooms for remote fundraising

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Linkhat is a dataroom for founders who are fundraising remotely. A fast and easy-to-use integrated tool that organises and structures your fundraising process for you, so you can get back to work.
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As I walk through the valley of the shadow of Venture Capital, I shall fear no DD requests.

All startup founders listen up! Today we are launching Linkhat - the data room for remote fundraising.

Born from the soul-crushingly hard experience of fundraising, we bring before you the ultimate data room - a room so rich in features and style you will think ”I wish I built that.”

Investment decisions today are made in <3 minutes and your dataroom has become the centerpiece of fundraising as it moved remote - even in the early stage.

We are here to help you win, and our promise to you is this:

- We will cut admin time spent on fundraising down from 40 minutes/day down to 5 minutes/day. - We will make you more formidable founders. Organized, disciplined and in control. - We will increase your chance of a succesful raise by giving you world class tools to manage it.

Here’s a highlight of some of Linkhats best features so far:

📓 A slick, automated investor CRM to track fundraising funnel & leads 📂 Advanced data room file structure 🕳️ Drag & drop upload anywhere. Supports all file types 💀 Granular link control with kill-switch 👁️ In-depth deck analytics 🔗 Seamless document updates across all active links. No attachments. 🎨 Branded data rooms - customise colors, headers and logos 💍 Increase your inbound by letting VC’s know you’re raising, by listing on our coveted Active Raise list 
 💬 Live founder chat - maintain your sanity by talking or venting about your fundraising with other verified founders. 📱Mobile friendly deck viewer for VCs 🏁 Get started in a minute, and get back to building your company

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