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A fun little daily brain workout, free in your browser

Figure is a free daily logic puzzle game, sort of like Bejeweled meets Wordle. Clear all the tiles in a given number of moves. Everyone solves the same puzzle, and there's a new one every day. Play to relax, or maybe get a little friendly competition going.
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Hello Product Hunt! I'm excited to be hunting this little side project I've been working on. We don't see a ton of games around here, but it's the weekend and I thought you might like a little break from all the (amazing) productivity and work enhancers. 👾

Figure is totally free to play in your browser. No accounts, ads, trackers, or anything sneaky. It's just a fun daily puzzle to solve with a very satisfying UI. The rules are super simple but the puzzles can sometimes be quite a challenge. 🧠

I haven't done much to promote this aside from tweeting a bit and posting it on Hacker News a few weeks ago (it went to #1!). I'd really appreciate you giving it a try and sharing any feedback. 🙏🏽

I'll keep this short and sweet so you can stop reading and start playing. I'm happy to answer any questions. Hope you like it! 🤓

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