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 3 years ago
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The Ultimate Tea Machine 🍵

BRÜ makes the perfect cup of tea at the push of a button. Use ANY tea. Saving you time & energy.
✅ Use any type of tea
✅ Easy to clean
✅ Built-in safety sensors
✅ Intuative Controls
✅ 2ltr water tank
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Eric DiepeveenCOO, Steam Data Suite
One day we will look back at our idiotic consumerism with shame.
Juicero here we come again 😆. Seriously why would anyone need this?
@jritterde No idea. As a minimalist I can not support his.
Bogdan Ko
Founder of BRÜ
@jritterde BRÜ has nothing to share with the concept of Juicero :D
@jritterde Actually, I like this product. It saves time, reduces waste and saves money. I won’t get it at early stages though and I hope it goes through rigorous testing at pre-production stages before sale. Look forward to buying this when in general sale and wish the team success @benko
Bogdan Ko
Founder of BRÜ

Hey Product Hunt 👋

I'm the founder of BRÜ - The Ultimate Tea machine. We recently closed our Kickstarter with the support of over 4,000 amazing backers, and I'd like to introduce BRÜ on product hunt.

The journey of BRÜ started a few years ago with the mission to create a device which simplifies the process of tea preparation without changing the process itself. BRÜ allows you to make the perfect tea at the push of a button by using any tea whether it is a tea bag or loose leaf tea. With BRÜ, you don't need to buy tea capsules or pods - just use the tea that you like and already have at home. 🍵

One of the most shocking discoveries on this journey has been the vast amount of energy and water that is wasted every single year just from making cups of tea. Just google "overfilled kettles". With BRÜ you only heat what you need. No more overfilling and repeated boiling of water you're not going to use. Not only does this save time and money off your energy bill, but it also saves the planet. Fact. 🌍

During the Kickstarter campaign, we answered a lot of question in the comments, FAQ section and in the updates, but now I'm here to answer any further question you may have.

@benko congrats. is this shipping to Japan?
Bogdan Ko
Founder of BRÜ

Hi Alex,

Yes ;)


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