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 3 years ago
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Meal plan and recipe recommendations from a friendly bot

We know how hard it is to keep track of what you eat and make healthy eating a habit. To help you with this, the smart meal plan assistant Jo recommends easy and healthy recipes with simple ingredients that you can find at any store.
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Foodjo has been just released on the App Store and already started to hit a lot of good reactions. We're also looking forward to the comments and questions of the Product Hunt community.
Nice! Geeky question : which SDK did you use to build the chat ?
@matthieuhelary Hi Matthieu, thanks for your comment. We used Ionic to build the app but the chat part is custom built.

Looks good! All meal planners I've come across use a subscription model but this one does not, right? It's an upfront payment.

Will there be an Android version sometime soon?

@anna_0x Hi Anna, thanks for your comment! Yes, Foodjo is based upfront, one-time purchase, so that you can reach all the recipes without paying extra fee. And the good thing is we publish new recipes each week :) And yes, we will have an Android release very soon and we are looking forward to announcing it here.
@anna_0x Hi Anna, I wanted to inform you that we're finally on the Google Play store. Here you can find it: https://play.google.com/store/ap... Thanks again for your interest in Foodjo!

I downloaded this application from the Play Store today and I'm very disappointed. I could get a refund but I won't because it's a very small price to pay and I imagine that the developer is working hard on it.

I will install it though. If it gets better in the future, I will download it again.

THE GOOD: - The design is clean and modern.


THE BAD: - There's only a small amount of recipes.

- No way to filter out recipes. For example, I don't want to eat tofu and a vegan does not want to eat eggs. If we subtract the recipes that we would actually never make, then the number of recipes available is actually even smaller.

- You cannot easily create a meal plan for the entire the week or at least for the entire day. It only lets you add one meal at a time and because you have to do it through a chat interface, it's very time-consuming.

- You don't mention how many servings each recipe makes. You claim that a recipe only has 200 calories but if we use the ingredients you say we should, the result will be 1000 calories because it's actually meant for 5 people but you don't mention that anywhere.

- Things like 5g of salt shouldn't be included in the shopping list.

- It doesn't tell you how many calories in total are planned in a certain day.


CONCLUSION: The app feels more like a demo or school project than an actual app that's meant to be used by people. I still think it has potential and hope to see big improvements soon.

@anna_0x Hi Anna, thanks for taking the time to write this comment. You can always get a refund from Google Play, please check this link to learn how to do it: https://support.google.com/googl...

And as the developer of this product I will appreciate and recommend it :)

@oner_zafer I see you refunded my purchase even though I did not request it. I appreciate it, but as I said, it was not my intention to get a refund, since I only paid 1 € for a well designed app. Sadly the app does not really work as a meal planner, even though it's pretty. Hope you improve it! I'll give it a try again then.

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