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 3 years ago
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NodeOps platform that simplifies building blockchain apps

DEPLOY is the NodeOps platform that makes it simple for developers to build applications on blockchain networks. It is the easiest way for developers to spin up Bitcoin and Ethereum nodes, ensure reliability, and scale their applications to suit their needs.
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Jeff Lesser
Product Marketing at Aptible

Thanks everyone for hunting us and checking us out!

We know the challenges of building on the blockchain using third-party infrastructure solutions. We used an infrastructure provider when we built RADAR RELAY, a wallet-to-wallet token trading platform built on the Ethereum blockchain. While growing RELAY to a global application with customers in 150 countries and hundreds of millions of dollars in tokens traded, we quickly realized existing infrastructure services weren’t suitable for building on. They were too slow, unreliable, centralized, and restrictive.

After talking with other developers, we learned that effective infrastructure services need to be more than just API gateways. They need to be blockchain infrastructure control panels—off-the-shelf solutions for spinning up, monitoring, and managing nodes with enough customization and control to work for anyone—so we built it ourselves and are releasing it to you.

DEPLOY is blockchain infrastructure for developers, by developers. The way you would have built it. We’re here to answer any questions, feedback, and suggestions!

PS: We have a 14-day free trial so don't hesitate to try it out 😀

telaFounder at Permanence Labs
Congrats on the launch @jefflesser !
Jeff Lesser
Product Marketing at Aptible

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